Water Watchers Sign Up


As a Water Watcher I pledge to...

Water Watcher is a responsible adult who agrees to watch the kids in the water without distractions. Water Watchers are not necessarily CPR certified and do not replace lifeguards, but they will supplement monitoring the pool when busy and make sure all the pool rules are enforced.  

As a Water Watcher, you pledge to…

  • Aid the guard(s) in watching the children in the pool.
  • Regularly scan the bottom of the pool.
  • Avoid poolside chats and any distractions such as talking on the phone or reading.
  • Aid the guard(s) in pulling children out of the water in an emergency and call 911.

If you can not fulfill the entire time slot you signed up for or need to step away for a moment, please ask another responsible adult to take your place. Remind other members to be respectful of your role as a Water Watcher when you are “on duty,” and not distract you.

Saturday, Sep 04

12:00 PM for 45 minutes.

1:00 PM for 45 minutes.

2:00 PM for 45 minutes.

3:00 PM for 45 minutes.

4:00 PM for 45 minutes.

    This slot is filled.